CytoSolver: 数据分析和可视化



CytoSolver: Data Analysis and Visualization



Date: Fri, August 18, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm ET


北京时间:2023.8.19 星期六 1:00am














Dr. Hanan Qasim demonstrates CytoSolver's utility and best practices.

  • What is it a remote video conferencing session demonstrating how CytoSolver works; we’ll use existing data from our database and we’re happy to use yours as well (you’ll have an opportunity to send us a zpt file or files).
  • Who it’s for existing CytoSolver users interested in learning about new features in CSx 3.0 and existing IonOptix system users interested in learning how CytoSolver improves upon IonWizard’s native transient analysis.
  • When is it Friday, Aug 18th at 1 pm EDT.
  • Where IonOptix is hosting on Zoom.
  • How to join contact us and let us know that you’re interested. We’ll register you and send a link to join us.

This is the first in a series of demonstrations that we’ll be hosting, a couple in North America and a couple in Europe, reflected in their start times. This first demo is intended for, but not restricted to, our North American customers.

To register, click the button above or go to:


Hanan Qasim, PhD
Applications Scientist

Dr. Hanan Qasim earned her doctorate at the University of Houston under Dr. Bradley McConnell. Her research focused on investigating and characterizing a novel molecular pathway target for heart failure treatment. She joined IonOptix as an Applications Scientist in Sept. 2022 where she assists cardiovascular scientists by identifying the proper research systems for their scientific goals and ensuring their familiarity with the product.




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